Poker player Daniel Negreanu has fixed few targets for this season, which includes going up to the top-most position on the all-time live championship money number.

Daniel, the Canadian poker player, rest at 2nd on that list, currently. He won more than $ 14.9 million in his celebrated poker career. However, the Canadian pro rests around $ 2 million behind Erik Seidel, who stays at the top of the list. Seidel has won about $16.9 million in his whole career. Other poker pros, who are very close to Daniel Negreanu are Phill Hellmuth and Phil Ivey.

Daniel has marked few other targets for the 2012 season, which includes earning over $ 1 million in championship earnings. The Canadian pro off to a well beginning in that sense, having won more than $ 250000 at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller championship.

One of Daniel’s planned championships for the year 2012 has a well probability of achieving both of these targets in a single swoop. Daniel has already invested to playing in the “Big One for One Drop” championship that will be serving at 2012’s World Series of Poker and needs an unbelievable $ 1 million buy-in from each poker player. The Canadian poker pro has remarked that he might sell up to $ 600000 of his activity so that it allows him to play in the championship.

As a whole, Daniel has targeted ten different achievements for himself in this year. With getting his position at the top of all-time money winner’s chart, the Canadian pro has also drew a aim of desiring to recover his spot as the No. 1 all-time achiever on the World Poker Tour. Negreanu also aims to win at least one top championship win apart from the World Series and a WSOP bracelet.

Focus on: Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu is a poker player born in Canada in 1974, of Romanian origins, which has a total of four bracelets at the World Series and two titles at the World Poker Tour. As far as career earnings go, he places on the second place right now and he is the main star of the Million Dollar Challenge poker show. He is also one of the more important players in the Big Game, from

He is known as a very good player both in cash games and in live tournaments. He took place ina lot of final tables at the WPT and WSOP, plus many other titles at different tournaments. His best year so far seems to be 2004, when he was the Card Player of the Year, as well as Player of the Year at WSOP. In 2004-2005 he was also the Player of the Year at WPT.

He is known as a poker player that is very good at reading other players and he says that for a poker player it’s very important to be able to see what kind of hands are played by opponents and how good they are at playing them.

His first tournament wins were in 1997, when he managed to win a total of three tournaments, two of which were at events from the World Poker Finals, taking home $55,064.

After the latest count, Negreanu had winnings at live tournaments which were over $14.1 million. Out of those, $3,515,597 came from winnings from the 48 times he cashed in at World Series events. For a while, he was the leader in all time tournament money winnings but Erik Seidel surpassed him quickly.

The first finish in the money at the World Series was in 1998, when he also won his first bracelet, by winning a Pot Limit Hold’em table.