Negreanu And Hellmuth In Boxing Ring

Will Daniel Negreanu beat Phil Hellmuth in the match of boxing? This might sound strange question to you, but Negreanu wants to people’s opinion on this.

Negreanu is a player who is most vocal and often involves in Twitter rants, polls and conversations with his fan and followers.

In recent instances, Negreanu is going to post a hand decision to gauge the thoughts of people. However, on 21st February the player wanted to know if his followers and fan people would bet on him for the boxing match that he is going to have against Hellmuth.

The question posted by per Negreanu on his twitter account is:

  • Headgear would be worn.
  • 3X3 minute rounds.
  • The boxing fight will take place “tomorrow”.
  • Negreanu Gets the Decision Win.

Total 12,177 followers participated in the poll and of which 57% participants say they are ready to bet their money on Negreanu.

The boxing match between both poker players is an informal game and Negreanu takes the matter as a joke twitted that the last full three rounds the Poker Brat would be a 20-1 dog. Continue reading Negreanu And Hellmuth In Boxing Ring

PCB Concluded Declaring Harder As Winner

The complete adventurous PokerStars Championship Bahamas concluded on and as expected, Christian Harder made the way to $5,000 Main Event and won it.

It is the first ever win for Harder for PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event. Harder beat Cliff Josephy and heads-up to win the prize.

Details of top five positions in the event are:

  • United States Christian Harder won the tournament and claimed the price of $429,66
  • The second position of the tournament was secured by Cliff Josephy from United States. And he won the price of $403,448. Third price again went to a player of the United States, and the winning amount was $259,980.
  • The fourth position of the event was secured by player from Russia Aleksei Opalikhin. He won the price of $191,420. Fifth position was taken by Michael Gentili of Canada and he won the prize amount of $140,940. The sixth position was secured by Norway player Rasmus Glæsel and the winning amount was $103,780.
  • The final table of the championship started with six hands, but it soon turned to be five hands. Rasmus Glæsel of Norway, lost a few chips very early on was out. After the exit of Rasmus, it took hours and a number of hands for the next player to go. And then gradual eviction happened. And finally Harder and Josephy encountered each other. They played really well and because only one could have been the winner thus Harder made his way. In 2008 event, Harder finished in seventh position. And in the year 2017, he became the winner of the championship.
  • The last round of the event did not take much time to get over. Then Josephy was out kicked by Harder and he lost chips very rapidly. And this happened multiple times in the event. After some time the game got over and Harder was declared as winner of the tournament.

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